Leon Luu – IT Manager

Leon Luu kleinWith Kempinski since 2000.

IT management, maintenance of the hotel system, advising guests on all technical matters (e.g. WLAN) as well as ensuring compliance with the Kempinski network standards are among my main tasks at our property. This means that I am the expert for all computer-related issues at the hotel.

Sabine Fickenscher – Executive Housekeeper

Sabine Fickenscher kleinWith Kempinski intermittently since 2004.

A housekeeper is like a housewife who runs a household on a grand scale. I make sure that all rooms and public areas are maintained in perfect condition. Furthermore, I take care of our guests' numerous small and big special wishes with regard to their rooms.

Michael Heinzmann – Front Office Manager

Michael Heinzmann kleinWith Kempinski since 2010.

To me, the Kempinski brand name stands for a luxury hotel group that treats every guest individually and fulfils his every wish even surpassing expectations. And this is exactly the maxim I act upon within the Front Office Manager's wide area of responsibility.

Dirk Reinhardt – Executive Assistant Manager F&B

Dirk Reinhardt kleinWith Kempinski since 1999.

Since I joined the Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt in November 2013, I have been proud to be part of the hotel's team. During my first five and a half years with Kempinski I worked at the group's Munich airport hotel. Then my next stops were Kuwait and Malta before I got to know some other companies as well. I last worked in Chongqing, China, where I shared the responsibility for the opening of a new Kempinski hotel. Altogether, I have been appreciating and enjoying Kempinski as the oldest European hotel chain for more than twelve years.

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Melanie Hübenthal – Assistant F&B Manager

Melanie Huebenthal kleinWith Kempinski since 2011.

As the Assistant F&B Manager I am responsible for all hotel departments that deal with food and beverages and that includes the bar K-Lounge, the restaurant EssTisch with breakfast, lunch & dinner service, the Torschänke restaurant, Sra Bua, room service and banqueting.

Petra Baumann – Rooms Division Manager

Petra Baumann kleinWith Kempinski since 2002.

Luxury and tradition are what the Kempinski brand stands for and it can look back on a long and impressive history. At the moment I mainly associate the Kempinski Hotel Frankfurt with the ongoing refurbishment measures as I am experiencing the planning and implementation intensely. I have therefore become particularly fond of this property.